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This is an important message from the City of Brazoria Alerts:

Where we are at with the boil water notice - It remains in effect. Continue to boil any water you use for preparing or consuming food or drinks. It is safe to bathe, shower and do laundry. When cleaning dishes, we cannot confirm that soap will kill any sediment or bacteria that arises with low water pressures (the reason we are under the boil notice). Please be cautious and follow the guidelines of the notice until it has been rescinded. We will notify the public of future updates as soon as we have them.

As of this morning, we have:
-Received water from BWA
-Restored the water storage levels
-Maintained safe pressure levels, above 20 psi

Today we are:
-Collecting samples and monitoring the system

In the coming days we will:
-Receive the results from the samples
-Notify the public of the results*


*These results may allow us to rescind the boil notice, at which point we will send out another emergency notification to the public.

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